Monday, December 29, 2008


I admit defeat, I simply cannot keep up with the blogging world. I gave it a good try and kept at it nearly a year, but now that I am working full time I simply do not have the time, energy or motivation to keep at it. I am very happy to have been able to blog for most of the girls' first year and it will be a wonderful gift to print and save for them, but this will be my last blog on this site. I cannot keep at it!

However, fear not! You can still follow all of our adventures and events (primarly through pictures) on our MySpace page. I have set our MySpace page to public so everyone can have full access, even without their own MySpace account (although I highly recommend that you get one!)I do upload pictures to our MySpace page regularly and I even post an occassional blog.

Farewell and happy blogging! See you on MySpace!

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Nanny Cam

I came home one day last week and found the girls dressed up in one of the adorable outfits given to them as a birthday gift by my Grammy. Our nanny Tamarah had dressed them up in the dresses, complete with bows and socks, and taken pictures of them! It was SOOOO cute! Anyway, I keep telling Sean how unbelievably cute the girls were in these outfits and so I promised to post the pics for him. Enjoy!

**Click on the picture below to open the whole album in Photobucket, no account required! You can also click on "Slideshow" in the top right corner if you prefer to view the pics in a slideshow, and you can even adjust the speed!**


Sunday, November 2, 2008


Again, you will have to click on the picture below to see ALL of the adorable pics from Halloween. As you can see, I decided to go with a different costume theme than planned. Originally, based on the votes, the girls were going to be a ladybug and bumblebee, but then I found these adorable girly flower fairy costumes on ebay and I just fell in love with them! I also wanted to do something really feminine and beautiful to celebrate having two gorgeous girls.

Our Halloween did not quite go as planned. We were supposed to drive up to Tucson and spend the night with my sister's family so the girls could go trick or treating at the mall with their 10 month old cousin Logan. Instead, I ended up having to stay here and care for my injured grandmother. She took a nasty fall last week, possibly caused by a mild heart attack, and broke her wrist and fractured her back. She was released from the hospital after her surgeries Thursday evening and I was the only family member that could care for her over the weekend. So leaving town was not an option and our plans got revised!

We were invited to go over to our nanny Tamarah's house with some of the other kids and families she occasionally cares for. We could not stay long because I didn't want to leave my Grammy alone, but we enjoyed the great decorations at her house and the treats! The girls were cranky because it was past their bedtime AND they had also had their one year check-ups earlier that day and gotten their immunizations (appt. details in an upcoming post!) Poor things just weren't in the trick-or-treating spirit! We went home early, but left AIdan there to trick-or-treat with the big kids.

We also really missed Daddy! I wish he could have seen them in their costumes and been there to share their first "real" Halloween (they were only a week old last year!) He gets to come home from training and visit next weekend so we are very eager and excited to see him!

It wasn't quite the Halloween I had pictured or planned, but the girls were adorable in their costumes and they got a small taste of Halloween fun!

Photobucket Album

Pumpkin Patch

Click on the picture below to view all the pics from our pumpkin patch excursion last weekend! It is so much easier to upload them to Photobucket all at once and link to that album than to upload them five at a time here. I have a slow computer and I am not patient with technology.

The girls had a wonderful time at the pumpkin patch. We met my parents and sister Hannah, as well as my sister Jenna with her husband and son Logan at the patch. It was great to spend the day with everyone and have the extra help with the girls! We went on a hay ride, picked out our pumpkins, and ventured through the challenging corn maze! We made pretty good time through the maze considering we had three babies with us in strollers.

Cassidy loved looking at and touching the pumpkins, trying to eat the dirt, and don't let the pictures fool you, after it got going she loved the hay ride also! Candace on the other hand was NOT impressed with the entire outdoorsy experience. She did not want to get dirty or touch anything, just like her mama!

Photobucket Album

Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday!!

Yesterday was the girls' first birthday! I wish I had the time and energy to summarize each month in detail like my friend Megan or write touching devotions to my children like my friend Damiane' but I do not, so instead I will summarize the year with one word.... overwhelming! It has been a year of overwhelming change, overwhelming exhaustion, overwhelming challenge, but most importantly, overwhelming joy and overwhelming love. Not a day goes by that I am not amazed at my good fortune and grateful for my gorgeous, amazing daughters and wonderul family.

We had the girls' first birthday party on Saturday and it was a huge success! Everything went so well and so many people came to wish the girls a happy birthday and celebrate the first year of their lives. The girls were very well-behaved and enjoyed the excitement. Candace, our social butterfly, soaked up all the attention and new faces, whereas, Cassidy was a bit more skeptical and unsure. It was an exhausting, but fabulous and fun day!

Guests began trickling into our red and white Dr. Seuss decorated home a little before 10:30 am and our amazing nanny Tamarah even came early to help with the last minute preparations. She had already done so much to help me prepare all week, including helping with the favors, blowing up the balloons, and watching the girls while we shopped for their presents. The girls woke from their morning naps around 10:00 and we got them dressed in their party clothes just in time. They looked adorable in their dresses and bows!

In total we probably had about 30 guests (20 adults, 6 kids, and 4 babies.) The guests enjoyed the food, which included green eggs and ham, and played a game "Thing 1 or Thing 2?" in which they had to guess which twin did/does what. It was a fun way for everyone to learn more about the girls. Next we opened oodles of presents! The girls received dozens of gifts, but some of the highlights included the "Elmo Live" doll and the Laugh & Learn Chair from us and wooden decorated name signs from their nanny Tamarah. They also received lots of adorable fall outfits, books, educational toys, keepsakes, dishes, and gift cards. I was amazed at people's generosity and creativity!

Finally, we sang "Happy Birthday" to each girl and enjoyed cake and ice cream. It was a special-ordered Cat in the Hat cake and although it didn't quite look the way I wanted, it was delicious! The girls enjoyed individual "Thing 1 and Thing 2" cupcakes with turqoise frosting that turned their skin blue, lol, and they LOVED the ice cream! Of course there was lots of socializing and ohh-ing and ahh-ing over the girls in between. The last guests didn't leave until around 2:00 pm making for a long and exhausting day, but one filled with wonderful memories and good times.

Red, White & Seuss!

Green Eggs & Ham!

Party Favors (filled with personalized chocolates)



Proud Mom & Dad

The BEST Nanny EVER, Tamarah

Our Little Social Butterfly (Candace)

With Grandpa

With Aunt Hannah

With Jeremy


Cake and Ice Cream